"From an advocacy standpoint, CBA is doing its part for sure. We receive the quarterly updates to help highlight the most critical issues or changes. The CBA leadership is constantly at work for the concerns and opportunities that affect community banks in Kansas, and we are invited to take part or attend at every turn. We really appreciate knowing we have CBA advocating toward our goals."

Jack Rowden, President/CEO Citizens State Bank, Hugoton April 27, 2023

"The CBA compliance program is easy to use and easy to see the benefit we receive from being part of it. We can call the 800 number for immediate answers. We can keep the manuals and resources to share with our team when we attend the in-person events. The news updates help us sort through what matters most to our in-bank compliance program. We definitely save time and resources being part of this."

Margaret Nightengale, Executive Vice President/Chief Lending Officer Grant County Bank, Ulysses April 27, 2023

"When you attend a CBA event, such as the annual Golf Classic or the summer Convention, you know you’re not just attending. You know you will come away with stronger peer connections, the answers to current challenges and new inspiration for your community bank and your team as you move forward. We really value these things and more."

Walter Johnson, President/CEO First State Bank, Healy April 27, 2023

"As a community bank, we promise our customers that we will offer personalized services and support along with the technology they expect. CBA helps us fulfill this promise with webinars, committees, news and the things we share together at Convention."

Zac Hoppes, Sr. Vice President Farmers State Bank, McPerson April 27, 2023

"CBA of Kansas is not your typical industry organization. The members have such a good time together, and you’ll be welcomed right into the fold. We never miss events like the Golf Classic or the annual tailgating event because we know we’ll see friendly faces and have a great time.

"And best of all, when you run into a challenge at your bank, you know who to call. Whether it’s one of the leadership at CBA of Kansas or one of your fellow members, the network of help and advice is unmatched."

Michele Lundy, Executive Vice President Tampa State Bank, Tampa April 27, 2023

"We never miss the annual Convention and Trade Show. It is a great time to talk with others in the industry and find out what’s happening across the state. Between the speakers and the presentations put on by Endorsed Providers, I get great new ideas every year. And it’s not all business. I bring my whole family to the Convention because there’s so much fun planned that it makes a great little mini-vacation."

Jay Kennedy, Chm. Bd. - President/CEO First National Bank, Frankfort April 27, 2023

"Being part of CBA is valuable in many ways, but a couple that stand out are the great networking opportunities and access to an abundance of resources that can help solve our community bank challenges – which ultimately provide a better experience for our customers and communities."

Tom Sheik, Vice President State bank of Bern, Bern April 27, 2023

"One of the great benefits of CBA of Kansas is feeling like you have an advocate. The leadership is always available to listen to my concerns, and because of the active role CBA of Kansas takes in talking with legislators, I know community banks are being represented in government. In some ways, I feel like I have a stronger voice than some of the bigger, national banks because of the involvement of CBA of Kansas. They know their members and they understand our concerns."

Tanner Johnson, President/CEO Swedish-American Bank, Courtland April 27, 2023

"As a fifth-generation banker, I had the opportunity to attend many CBA of Kansas events growing up.  The resources available through CBA are plentiful, but it’s the relationships I’ve observed that has left the greatest impression.  Being able to interact with likeminded community bankers across Kansas has proven beneficial for me and our bank.  What I enjoy most is how these relationships often times extend well beyond a work relationship turning into lifelong friendships."

Steven Suellentrop, President/CEO Legacy Bank, Wichita April 27, 2023

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