"When I have a challenge, I know I can reach out to a CBA member and find a solution. There's such a strength in being part of it, and in knowing we all share the same value - to preserve the success of community banks for generations to come.”

Tom Pruitt, President and CEO Peoples Bank & Trust Co., McPherson June 9, 2022

"There's a lot of information to sort when it comes to technology, compliance and customer services as a community bank. Definitely my bank team has its strengths, but as a part of CBA of Kansas, we have an entire network of help to rely on.”

Joe Rottinghaus, President and CEO Conway Bank, Wichita June 9, 2022

"People may say that CBA of Kansas is about ‘small banks,’ but that's not true. It's about bringing the very best resources, information and decisions to the level we all believe in — the individuals, families and businesses we live and work alongside. What could be more rewarding than that?"

Melisa Sorenson, Senior VP - Director of Innovation/Operations & Technology Legacy Bank, Wichita June 9, 2022

We expect regulation measures to be tighter in the future, and we have to be ready. Using the CBC program helps our bank handle and control
our compliance processes efficiently and more cost effectively. With the expertise provided by the CBA through the CBC program we hope to be ready for whatever comes down the road.

Tim Matlack, President FNB Washington, Washington, KS October 24, 2017

The CBC Program is worth every penny. The team emails answers back to our questions right away so we have the information in writing, and they are knowledgeable of all areas of banking. The Compliance Hotline and Compliance Update email are especially useful, as well as the monthly newsletter. The CBC speakers are seasoned and knowledgeable and even shed a little humor into a complex subject, which makes learning at the full-day seminars even more enjoyable. The program offers really good office support with expedited answers to your questions. I have only good things to say about the CBC Program, and I wouldn’t want to manage compliance today without it!

Laura K. Kesler, Senior Vice President/Cashier KansasLand Bank, Quinter KS October 24, 2017

“One of the most challenging aspects about compliance is finding detailed answers, right when you need them. As a CBC Member, I use the 800-number Compliance Hotline and the team is professional while providing quick answers. This is a very practical and useful feature of the CBC program.”

Margaret Nightengale, Senior Vice President, Audit Compliance Officer Grant County Bank, Ulysses, KS May 2, 2017

"From the moment I walked into the CBA event, I knew the feeling was different. It was like family."

Blake Heid, President/CEO First Option Bank- Paola, KS February 27, 2017

“There’s something different about CBA … It’s clear they have expertise in advocacy and education, but there’s a feeling that they truly care about the future of community banks.”

Tim Hills, SVP Howard State Bank, Sedan February 27, 2017

“It’s important to CBA that they go where members are to hear their real concerns face to face. I feel like they take those concerns and work to find genuine solutions.”



Brad Yaeger, EVP Legacy Bank, Wichita February 17, 2017

“The convention and networking events throughout the year are valuable to me and my banking team. No one does an event quite like CBA! Visit one and you’ll know what I mean.”





Rodger Van Loenen, Chairman/President Farmers State Bank, Phillipsburg February 17, 2017

“CBA does a lot of things, but at the heart of the work, they try to keep community banks moving forward (not just toward profit, but toward meeting the needs of their own customers). Being a member means knowing that CBA strives to add value to each decision community banks make, and this creates stronger, healthier and more viable opportunities for individuals, families and businesses across the state of Kansas.”



Steve Handke, CAO First Option Bank, Horton February 17, 2017

“I can say we truly enjoy our CBA membership – not just for the advocacy and webinars, but because when we have a concern or an issue in community banking we just pick up the phone and have a conversation. This means a lot.”

Greg Wartman, Pres/CEO Johnson State Bank, Ulysses February 17, 2017

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