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Why does CBA exist?

We recognize that banks are the lifeblood of Kansas communities themselves; hometowns across the state suffer when community banks are unable to meet the challenges set before them. By coming alongside community banks and helping find answers to these challenges, CBA of Kansas allows community banks to be what they are intended to be and to serve their local customers in the most authentic ways possible.

Led by community bankers

The leadership at CBA of Kansas offers years of high-impact experience. Shawn Mitchell, a 23-year community banker and past bank president, brings years of community bank leadership experience to CBA of Kansas. CBA is community banker led (board) and community banker run. Members on CBA of Kansas committees and those who participate as Associate members also provide an extended leadership circle throughout the year.

We solve the challenges community banks face.

CBA of Kansas answers many of the most significant challenges confronting local banks in the current business climate — including our new Community Bankers for Compliance Program (CBC). We continue to provide education and training opportunities to give you the peace of mind that you’re adhering to critical banking regulations.

Why Become A Member

The Community Bankers Association of Kansas is the only state trade association dedicated exclusively to serving the interests of Kansas community banks. The value you receive from a CBA membership is measured in more than just dollars and cents.




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