Community Bankers Will Make the Best Decisions When They Have the Best Information. Period.

Better data. More collaboration. The right information, from bankers, for bankers.
A chance to talk online with community bankers from across the country and see what their tech solutions are, along with the backside data to back it up … where is this critical information available?

Bankers Helping Bankers, launched in October of 2021 as a collaboration between Independent Bankers Association of Texas and FedFis, is a new resource built by community banking exclusively for community banks across the country. No outsiders. Period.

This is access to information you haven’t seen before, and it can help you make sure your technology or in-bank resources are just the right fit. Bankers Helping Bankers cuts through the clutter. Offers real-time, real talk. Curated groups. And so much more.


What Does This Mean to You as a CBA Member?

Community bankers need a platform like this to help navigate the emerging ‘fintech’ products and services available, while at the same time being able to communicate and learn from bankers looking at, or already utilizing, these products on their same core.

CBA of Kansas has always worked toward the future of community banking, putting our best resources forward in the midst of changing regulatory burdens, technology needs and evolving customer expectations.

In 2022, we became part of Bankers Helping Bankers, alongside many other leading community bank associations. We are proud to offer this truly unique resource exclusively to our CBA members.  No vendors. No third parties. No outside “interests.”

This is a resource that is exclusively bankers reviewing, sharing and working together toward the best solutions possible across the areas that create our challenges – and our biggest successes. Or, in the words of Bankers Helping Bankers founding members, “It’s time to write a new story for ourselves. We believe Bankers can make the right decisions and thrive if they have the right information.  Period.”


Who Started Bankers Helping Bankers? Who Is Participating?

Across the nation, dozens of community banks have already joined in several states. Across Kansas, many community banks have already joined.

FedFis and CBA of Kansas have partnered to pioneer an entirely new way for banks to band together, by forming a community of bankers, where conversations are driven by fact and data.  BHB is built on a shared believe that the best way to plan the way forward is to remember where community banking began, with community and trust.

Bankers Helping Bankers is working with state association partners to help deliver the innovative platform to a critical mass of the nation’s banks, with a goal of reaching 75 percent of the community bank networks in the coming months.


How Do I Enroll in Bankers Helping Bankers?

(There’s No Cost as a CBA of Kansas Member.)

As a member of the CBA of Kansas, you already have what you need — an invitation. To gain access to more information please visit


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