CBA of Kansas understands the challenges community banks face and offers help for community banks.

CBA of Kansas understands the challenges of community banks. From staying current with the latest bank regulations to deciding how to invest in the business to stay ahead of your competitors, CBA of Kansas knows your concerns because they are our concerns, too. When you invest in membership in CBA of Kansas, you enjoy the assurance that you’re up to date on regulations and aware of the latest trends affecting the banking industry. You benefit from having representatives involved in the legislative process, fighting for your interests at the state and federal level.

CBA of Kansas knows the challenges our members face because we listen to our members and we are a community banker led association. Membership in CBA of Kansas is more than just access to resources; we spend time with each of our members, learning through face-to-face conversations the factors that contribute to your success and the challenges you are encountering.


CBA of Kansas solves the challenges community banks face.

CBA of Kansas answers many of the most significant challenges confronting local banks in the current business climate — including our new Community Bankers for Compliance Program (CBC). We continue to provide educational events for community banks and training opportunities to give you the peace of mind that you’re adhering to critical banking regulations.

CBA of Kansas also provides opportunities for networking for community banks where our members share best practices, trade insights and help one another succeed in providing the best possible banking experience for your local communities. Membership in CBA of Kansas ensures that your voice is being heard in legislative sessions, both at the state and the federal level.

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