Our Philosophy

"Collectively creating value for Kansas community banks through
advocacy, education and services for the benefit of their customers and the communities they serve."

Founded in 1978, CBA represents Kansas community banks located in rural and urban areas across Kansas.

Why does CBA exist?

We exist not for a membership list but because we care about the existence and success of Kansas community banks as a whole. We recognize that banks are the lifeblood of Kansas communities themselves; hometowns across the state suffer when community banks are unable to meet the challenges set before them. By coming alongside community banks and helping find answers to these challenges, CBA of Kansas allows community banks to be what they are intended to be and to serve their local customers in the most authentic ways possible.

Member banks are as diverse as Kansas itself and as varied as the economies and aspirations of the communities CBA serves, and we believe in financial support for the entrepreneurs and small businesses among Kansas communities. Most of all, CBA understands Kansans are best served by local dollars being reinvested locally, thereby enriching communities throughout Kansas.

CBA believes the best financial decisions are made close to home, backed by all the resources necessary for customers’ prosperity and growth. Community banks come in all sizes — from the smallest banks to some of the largest. We are dedicated to the success of all.

Learn more about our philosophy and how membership in CBA of Kansas feels like “family.” View our 40th Anniversary Convention video here:

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