Community Banks Central to Local Economy: Impact Recognized During Community Bank Week

Across the state of Kansas, community banks serve local customers, businesses and families each year – resulting in a significant impact on the local economy. During the week of April 23 – April 28, 2018, Community Bankers Association of Kansas (CBA) and community banks across the Kansas recognize Community Bank Week and honor this impact with numerous activities at the local bank level.

“Community banks are an integral part of the community, working with local families, businesses, schools and agricultural producers to create financial opportunities and help them plan for their future dreams,” says Tim Hills, CBA Chairman and Senior Vice President, Howard State Bank, Sedan, Kan. “Community Bank Week provides an opportunity to celebrate the critical role that community banks play in sustaining local communities, as well as honoring the loyalty that our customers show to Kansas banks.”

Community banks contribute to local economies in numerous ways, including helping establish opportunities for local jobs, maintaining the local tax base and facilitating the development of the infrastructure and public services necessary to keep Kansas communities strong. Across the commercial banking sector, community banks remain the largest provider of agricultural credit. They often serve as a key partner for new and expanded business opportunities, which in turn fuels community schools and growth.  Community banks offer members of the local community an advocate to help them access the resources they need to purchase a home, start a small business or extend their farm operations.  Community banks are passionate about the local economies they serve, driven to help families and businesses reach their goals and meet their needs.  They’re thankful for the opportunity to provide financial tools to their customers to ensure their success, but in a way that highlights the importance of personal connections. This year’s Community Bank Week theme, “We Are Family: Celebrating Milestones Together” honors that commitment.”

Each year, community banks across Kansas recognize Community Bank Week in a variety of ways. Celebrations include special events with local charities, community based in-bank events and promoting economic development initiatives. Many banks offer programs to boost financial literacy in partnership with civic entities.  Please check with your local Community Bank to see what they are doing.