Where Will You Be April 8th Thru 11th?

In a few weeks a group of dedicated Kansas community bankers will travel to Washington, DC to attend ICBA’s Capital Summit with intentions to yet once again push for meaningful change that might help our community banking industry.

Why will this group of Kansas community bankers take a week out of their busy schedules to travel to Washington.  They will do it to help keep community banking in Kansas alive and well and on the minds of our elected leaders.

The banking system in the United Sates has evolved in the last couple of decades, due in part to mergers and various regulatory events. However, community banks still play an important factor in Kansas and other states throughout the nation.  Rural communities, which are numerous throughout Kansas, rely on community banks as they supply a substantial share of banking services to these residents. Family farmers and small businesses rely on community banks for their banking services, which are often based on and strengthened by the relationships they’ve built with each other.  Community banks also have a leg up on the bigger banks in some respects, particularly when it comes to small business loan services. When a loan officer at a community bank looks over an application, they can take many things into account to help them guide their decisions. They look at more than just credit scores, and this benefits everyone involved.  Larger banks have a focus on large depositors, whereas community banks have a focus on small depositors, which is why community banking in Kansas is so important.

How will we make a difference?  In the meetings, we will address the need for continued regulatory relief along with other pertinent community bank specific issues.  We will also tell everyone who will listen that Kansas community banks are locally owned and operated businesses that:

  • Focus on the needs of families, farmers and other businesses
  • Have strong involvement in local community affairs
  • The ability to use local deposits for loans to residents
  • The ability to consider the character of loan applicants
  • Ability to understand the needs of small business owners
  • Balance the needs of customers, employees and shareholders
  • The true lifeblood of Kansas communities

Every member of our group will be a Kansas community banker with one objective, remind our elected leaders who Kansas community bankers truly are.

What can you do to help?  Simple… Join us April 8th thru 11th and support your industry.

Click here for more information or to register.

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