Secrets to Attracting Talent to Your Community Bank

A Community Bank Can Boost Culture and Community

community bankingBringing the right candidates for employment to your community bank is important for your company culture. While many new hires may come from within your community itself, data shows that larger numbers of candidates are seeking positions for a “change of pace” and finding these opportunities through online searches. Here are some considerations you can consider when attracting talent to your bank:

Sell your community. You know what you love about your town, so highlight it in your efforts to attract talent. Maybe you’re close to state parks and strong schools. Think about what makes you special, and use it as a way to entice the best people for your team. Many people long for a shorter commute, a small-town feel and the absence of pollution. You can talk about these elements from your own unique perspective.

Use your networking skills. If you talk with a candidate and they end up not taking a position with your community bank, ask them if they know anyone who might be interested. Maybe they know someone originally from the area that is looking for a way to move back home, or they have a contact at another bank that might be a good fit for you.

Highlight your culture. It’s hard to deny the appeal of working in a place where there’s a family feel to the daily work culture. If you have a group of people that have been working together and living in the community together for decades, be sure to talk about it. If there’s a particular cause that gets your team to rally for a Saturday service project, tell your candidates.

Talk about the opportunity. When an employee comes from a bigger bank, they’re likely leaving a highly specialized role for a new one in which they get the opportunity to touch a lot of areas of bank business. Emphasize the ways your bank offers professional development and the ability to have a hand in shaping how the bank is operated. Talk about how your bank allows strong and beneficial relationships to form over time with customers, and how your bank solves real-world problems in your region.

Finally, don’t forget to mention when selecting candidates that CBA of Kansas offers excellent resources, like education, networking and advocacy opportunities. Reminding top candidates that you’re part of something bigger can appeal to the values you’re looking for in a new hire.


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