Celebrate in Cat Town With CBA of Kansas

CBA of Kansas Invites You to Tailgate on September 30

tailgate partyAt CBA of Kansas, the focus of membership isn’t just on the resources and information you gain through seminars, newsletters and networking. The other main focus of the organization is the friendships that can happen when a group of community bankers come together.

You are a community banker because you know that financial decisions are best made at the local level, that a community bank promotes a thriving local economy and that schools, businesses and families do well when a community bank invests in them.

At CBA of Kansas, you’ll find likeminded bankers with whom you share a lot in common. While we offer many opportunities throughout the year for you to gain information and education, some of our events are created simply for the fun of it. At the Community Banker Appreciation Tailgate, we say “thank you” for being a part of CBA of Kansas.

Kansas State will take on Baylor University at Bill Snyder Family Stadium on Saturday, September 30, and for three hours before the game, you’re invited to tailgate with CBA of Kansas. The tent will be set up in K State Cat Town on the southwest side of the stadium, where you can enjoy complimentary food and beverages and connect with other community bankers.

You don’t need a ticket to the game to join the fun, but we do request an RSVP at the CBA of Kansas office. You can register online or fax in a registration form. We can also provide you with a map to give you the specific location of the tent in Cat Town.

As a CBA of Kansas member, you enjoy access to the latest information and trends affecting community banking. But this event is all about fun! RSVP today, and we’ll see you in Manhattan!

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