Community Banking is the Midwestern Way

CBA of Kansas Supports Community Banking

community bankingLife is a little different in the Midwest. While it may not attract the heavy tourism that the coasts enjoy, the Midwest is the chosen home of millions of people. There’s good reason to choose it and it all starts with the people. In your home state of Kansas, people are all about community, and that includes community banking.

Community banks are the heart of local communities in Kansas. Supporting businesses, schools and families, community banks help local commerce, education and families thrive.

Community banks know that financial decisions are best evaluated and made at the local level. They are invested in the community, and, in turn, they are a valuable asset to the community. Customers at community banks appreciate knowing that every decision is made with the interests of the community at the center of the discussion.

At CBA of Kansas, we believe so strongly in the importance of community banking and its role in the Midwestern way of life that our whole purpose is the support of community banks. We provide community banks with opportunities for collaboration, timely resources and discounted products to help them succeed.

We understand that the staff that is attracted to community banking is in it for more than a paycheck. Those invested in community banking tend to be cut from the same cloth, one that values people over dollars.

As a result, CBA of Kansas strives to give you a place where you can collaborate with likeminded bankers, comparing notes on current issues and forming friendships in the process. When you run into a problem at your bank, you won’t wonder where to turn. We will have the resources you need and you’ll have colleagues whose advice you trust.

It is an honor for us to represent community banks and fight for what you hold dear: your hometowns. We not only provide information and networking opportunities for community banks, but also work to represent local banking interests in the political process.

CBA of Kansas is even more than just political representation and resources, though. It’s a community, too. Between collaborating with fellow community bankers and attending informational seminars, you’ll find that we hold the same values that called you into community banking. You’ll make friends that share your passion for local community, and before long you’ll discover that CBA of Kansas is a special community itself. In Kansas, the heart of the Midwest, what else could it possibly be?

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