CBA of Kansas Provides Compliance Help for Community Banks

Supporting Community Bankers With Compliance Help for Community Banks

compliance help for banksCompliance regulations are in constant flux, and as a community banker you often don’t have the time necessary to efficiently track and implement changes. At CBA of Kansas, we provide compliance help for banks with the Community Bankers for Compliance (CBC) Program.

The CBC Program is the most successful and longest-running bank compliance training program in the country, providing up-to-date information on changes in bank regulations, as well as techniques for the practical operation of your in-house compliance program. The program also offers compliance help for banks in its live seminars and webinars, where community bankers are free to ask questions and discuss changes to regulations.

Take a look at some of the services and benefits provided by the CBC Program:

Live seminars: Twice each year, you’ll have the opportunity to attend a live seminar where regulations will be discussed in detail. At the end of the day, there is ample opportunity to discuss regulatory changes and ask questions.

Webinars: Each quarter, the CBC Program offers a regulatory update webinar. These webinars are approximately one and a half hours and address recent regulatory changes that can impact community banks.

Newsletter: The CBC Program publishes a monthly newsletter, Compliance Update, keeping you up to date on any regulatory changes that may affect your practices.

Compliance hotline: You’re never on your own in navigating compliance issues. CBC Program members can access the hotline’s toll-free number or go online for quick answers to regulatory questions.

Practical advice and solutions: The help you receive in managing your compliance program isn’t simply information about the regulations. The CBC Program also offers practical advice about the structure of your compliance management system, including setting up a training program, responding to examinations and resolving a dispute.

Don’t miss out on upcoming opportunities to get practical help and stay up to date on compliance issues. Become a CBC Program Member and register for the next webinar.

CBA of Kansas is committed to supporting community bankers in our state, including providing compliance help for community banks. To learn more about the resources that we provide, give us a call or read more on our website.

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