Bank Advocacy Helps Fight Regulatory Changes That Hinder Community Banks

Bank Advocacy is One of the Key Benefits of Membership

bank advocacyYour membership in CBA of Kansas comes with many great benefits. You have ample opportunities to collaborate with other community bankers. You have access to the latest information and trends shaping the way community banks operate, and you have resources for a variety of possible situations you confront in your daily banking operations. With your membership, you also get the benefit of bank advocacy.

Bank advocacy means that when legislation is presented that threatens the vitality of your community or your community bank, you’re not fighting these changes alone. Through the efforts of CBA of Kansas and the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA), your voice combines with those of community bankers across the state and country to shape regulatory changes.

One such effort by CBA of Kansas and the ICBA is a recent proposal to decrease onerous regulations that negatively impact community banking. The 2017 Plan for Prosperity regulatory relief platform is prepared for the 115th Congress. The plan’s purpose is to eliminate regulations that stifle lending and innovations stemming from the normal business of community banks.

There are several aggressive measures included in the plan that would improve processes and eliminate burdensome regulations. Listed below are some of the changes that the plan proposes:

Access to Capital:

  • Improve identification of “systemic risk”
  • Provide allowances for community banks in regards to Securities and Exchange Commission rules
  • Repeal of the Collins Amendment in cases of non-SIFIs
  • Review minority bank capital challenges

Regulatory Relief:

  • Create a more inclusive and accountable Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Encourage the viability of mutual banks with new charter and capital opportunities
  • Support thorough review of all new rules to determine necessity of such rules
  • Cut red tape in small business lending

Mortgage Reform:

  • Preserve community banks’ ability to service mortgage loans
  • Reform loan closing process and paperwork

Bank Oversight and Examination:

  • Refine appeals process and strengthen accountability in bank exams
  • Reform bank oversight to better identify risk

Tax Relief:

  • Lower marginal rates for businesses and individuals
  • Provide credit incentives for low- and middle-income customers, as well as agriculture
  • Repeal the estate tax

Agriculture and Rural America:

  • Advocate for tax relief for rural lending
  • Reform arbitrary loan concentration limits for agriculture

This is just one area where CBA of Kansas is involved in bank advocacy. We develop relationships with legislators and make sure that your views are represented when they make decisions in their sessions.

To learn more about membership and all its benefits, visit the CBA of Kansas website. We look forward to talking with you more!

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