How Can You Celebrate Community Bank Week April 24 to 29?

Community Bank Week Honors Your Bank and Your Community

Community Bank WeekCommunity Bank Week is quickly approaching, and there are many ways to celebrate! From announcing the big event, to a variety of celebrations that are easy, fun and festive, you can celebrate the special partnership between your community bank and the community you serve.

The 39th annual celebration’s theme is “Your Roadmap to Success” and is scheduled for April 24 to 29. Here are the three easy steps you can follow to make sure your Community Bank Week celebration is fun and exciting:

Step One: Obtain your Community Bank Week kit. The kit has everything you’ll need to successfully commemorate the event in your own bank! From the Governor’s Proclamation for display in your lobby to a press release and kids’ coloring pages, the kit is designed to walk you through plans for your local celebration.

Step Two: Announce the event. Getting the word out about Community Bank Week is easy when you have our kit. Use the included press release to announce your events, for instance. You can also edit the Letter to the Editor to highlight your own bank for placement in your local paper. There are many tools in the kit for promoting your celebration, but don’t forget to also post about it on social media to get the word out.

Step Three: It’s time to celebrate! There are so many ways to have fun with Community Bank Week. Here are a few ideas for making the most of the event:

  • Host a discussion on a local radio show. This is a great way to highlight your role in the community, while giving listeners a chance to ask questions about financial concerns or tell stories about an occasion when your bank helped their family, business or the community.
  • Celebrate the community with a pin map. Ask customers a fun question, such as “what’s your favorite movie” or “name your favorite local ice cream shop.” This gives your customers a chance to linger in your lobby and enjoy the other ways you are highlighting Community Bank Week.
  • Offer a coloring contest. The coloring pages are included in your kit, and it offers a way to encourage kids from the local community to stop in to your bank, and you can offer fun prizes for participation and best entries.
  • Host a “tailgate” in your lobby. Using your local high school or college team colors and mascot, have a party with traditional tailgate foods like hot dogs and nachos. You can increase the fun by doing a giveaway drawing at various times throughout the day to encourage the community to stop by. You can go all out with this event, asking school athletes to show up in uniform, including a performance by the school band and inviting the school to incorporate their own ideas.

Celebrating Community Bank Week is just one way that CBA of Kansas supports your ability to thrive in your efforts to provide local banking. To learn more about opportunities for celebrating, or to access the resources of CBA of Kansas give us a call.

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