Bank Compliance Just Got Easier

Why Stress Over Bank Compliance When CBA of Kansas is Here to Help?

bank complianceBank compliance is one of the most complex areas of management for your bank. It can take up a lot of your resources, and consume the time of staff members. The good news is, CBA of Kansas is here to help you navigate the intricacies of bank compliance.

The new 2017 Community Bankers for Compliance Program is designed to help you stay on top of compliance regulations so that you can focus on supporting your local community with your banking services. That sounds better than spending your time bogged down in decoding compliance regulations, doesn’t it?

Providing the longest running and most effective compliance training program, Young & Associates, Inc. will help your bank stay up-to-date on compliance issues and new developments in regulations for your in-bank compliance program. Here’s what you receive when you enroll for membership:

  • Seminars are provided twice during the year, with each seminar covering the details of two regulations. Time will be provided for questions and answers at the end of the seminar, and a detailed manual will be sent electronically for review prior to the event. This year’s regulatory seminars will take place on March 28 and October 24.
  • Webinars will occur on a quarterly basis, with a discussion of current news and regulatory changes that can affect community banking. Webinars for 2017 will be June 9, September 8 and December 8, so mark your calendars.
  • Monthly newsletters are sent to program members to provide updates on compliance issues.
  • Compliance hotline access is available, with a toll-free number and online contact for daily compliance questions. Young & Associates provides qualified professionals to handle your concerns, ensuring that you are always only a phone call away from the information you need to answer your compliance issues.
  • Members-only web page, reserved only for banks that are registered members, provides access to timely information and tools that can enhance your regulatory compliance process.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other members on bank compliance practices. You’ll hear the best ideas that other banks have used to ensure compliance, as well as experiences that you should avoid.
  • Flexibility in the program allows banks to receive information in the ways that are most convenient for them. You have access to tools and resources in a variety of ways, making it possible for a bank of any size to participate in the program.

Who should attend Community Bankers for Compliance events? It’s critical that your compliance officer attend the events, but because so many compliance practices thrive in a team approach, you should also consider sending additional employees.

When you become a member of CBA of Kansas, you quickly appreciate the support you experience from the organization and from fellow bankers. The Community Bankers for Compliance Program is just one area in which CBA of Kansas helps you thrive as a community banker. Want to know more? Give us a call today.

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