Community Banking in Kansas is Not One-Size-Fits-All

The Many Voices of Community Banking in Kansas

Community banking in Kansas means many locally-owned banks across the state, and they come in all sizes and with different structures. When you join CBA of Kansas, you don’t have to worry that your voice will be crowded by a view that doesn’t match yours.

At CBA of Kansas, we serve banks across both rural and urban areas, and every one enjoys a place in the discussion of issues and trends affecting community banking in Kansas. This is because we embrace the idea that banks are formed in the ways that best serve their communities – and we want to keep it that way.

Here are a few of the ways that your voice is heard when you’re a member of CBA of Kansas:

Collaborative opportunities: The members of CBA of Kansas enjoy many events each year that help them trade ideas and get answers to the particular challenges they face. Whether it’s at the CBA Annual Convention or on a cruise or at the golf tournament, you’ll develop friendships that give you a way to exchange best practices.

CBA PAC: One of the most important ways you make your voice heard is through participation in CBA PAC. Community banks across the state pool their resources to influence policy that affects community banking in Kansas. State legislators will hear your opinions and represent your interests as they participate in choosing the regulations that shape banking at the local level.

Endorsed Providers: CBA of Kansas offers access to products and services that help you improve profitability and serve your customers at a competitive level with bigger banks. You have the opportunity to play an important role in the partnerships that CBA of Kansas makes with these providers and the products that are made available to members.

Face-to-face conversation: CBA of Kansas thrives on relationships. Each year, we spend several months out on the road doing “windshield time.” We listen carefully to your concerns and the unique challenges of your bank’s situation. Throughout the year, your call is always welcome and encouraged because your opinions and concerns are important.

If you’d like a voice in community banking in Kansas, CBA of Kansas is the ideal place for you. Give us a call to talk more about what membership can do for your bank and how your distinct perspective can help us all succeed in the industry.

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