Your Voice is Heard in Community Banking in Kansas

“Windshield Time” Gets Things Done

When you join CBA of Kansas, you enjoy a benefit that is nearly unheard-of in today’s business culture. You are heard. This means face-to-face conversation. It’s more important than ever that community banking in Kansas be informed by your voice.

Each year, I engage in what we call “windshield time.” For months out of the year, I make my way to nearly all of our members, asking them about your unique challenges as well as what’s working for you.

The clear benefit of these visits is the building of trust and loyalty between two organizations committed to the same goal: the sustained success of community banks. We know that Kansas community bankers hold a special position, supporting the local families, schools and businesses that require unique and customized financial services.

Through these interactions, you can talk about the latest trends and challenges affecting your daily business practices, informing others involved in community banking in Kansas about how you’ve successfully handled common problems or found success in certain changes.

Your voice also informs the legislative process. The PAC of CBA is the only PAC working to influence state policy for the benefit of community banks. When you express your concern about potential policy change during a visit, we’ll be voicing that concern to the appropriate representatives.

Community banking in Kansas isn’t just about banking, either. We know that there are specific issues that impact small and larger communities, an we’re eager to hear what you have to say about the issues that are shaping daily life in your community.

When you join CBA of Kansas, it truly is about more than just business. It’s about building a network of friends that share your business philosophies. That starts with “windshield time,” but it lasts throughout the year in our day-to-day work with each of our members.

Community banking in Kansas is being affected every day by the practices and regulations shaped by bigger financial institutions. It’s never been more important for community banks to have a voice, and it’s our commitment to make sure that voice is heard.

To schedule a time to talk, give CBA of Kansas a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

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