Who is CBA of Kansas?

We Have One Mission – Community Banks

The answer to the question of “who is CBA of Kansas” is simply this:  CBA of Kansas was founded in 1978 to represent the interests of Kansas community banks without interference and/or influence from large out-of-state financial institutions.  CBA of Kansas serves every community bank in Kansas as a strong voice and resource for the advocacy, networking, education and training that ultimately helps secure the longevity of our state’s community banking network.  We have one mission – community banks.

My name is Shawn Mitchell, and I am President and Chief Executive Officer of CBA of Kansas.  I have been involved with community banking for more than 23 years.  Before joining CBA of Kansas eight years ago, I was President and Chief Executive Officer of Farmers & Merchants State Bank, Wakefield, KS.  I’ve seen first-hand the important role local community banks play throughout Kansas. Now it is my honor to represent you in our great Kansas State-House as well as in Washington, D.C.

The story of CBA of Kansas starts with one word: community.  Because community is, in reality, all about your hometown. It’s the essence of trust, relationships, history and sheer grit that keeps Kansas unique and viable, and why you do what you do.  As a community bank, you have always focused your attention on local needs for families, businesses and farmers. Decisions are made with local investments and commitments in mind. This is reflected in the mission and work of CBA of Kansas. We strive to meet the needs of your community bank with advocacy, networking, education and training and being a “voice” for your concerns and issues. At the heart of this work, we strive to help you moving forward; not just toward profit, but toward meeting the needs of your unique customers. We strive to add value to each decision you make, this creates stronger, healthier and more viable opportunities for individuals, families and businesses across the state of Kansas. We do this because in the big picture, your community bank truly matters. You serve groups of individuals, families, organizations and business owners because they help foster strong communities, which are our future … economically, socially and culturally.

Financial institutions around the country have been subject to greater scrutiny, criticism, and substantial government intervention in the past few years due to numerous “Wall Street too big to fail” banks creating an environment where their employees were given incentives to take on substantial risk to increase profits for the firm and then rewarded with excessively high compensation.  As a community bank, you differ from that philosophy in that you lead your staff to minimize risk and maximize community benefit.  The common philosophy is clear, if our local community flourishes, then we shall also.  The dishonest practices and total disregard of sound banking principles by the large banks has unfortunately created a regulatory backlash that is significantly harming your community bank.  These large banks simply hire more attorneys and accountants to handle new regulations while your local community bank, struggles to keep up with the ever-increasing burdens imposed upon you.  However, Kansas community banks are strong and resilient, refusing to let Wall Street run over Main Street!

With that said, you must fight against increasing regulations and costs and work to maintain the fabric of community banks themselves. More community banks are consolidating or just closing their doors … and this means more hometowns are suffering and facing unstable futures. Community banks are the lifeblood of “home” for so many families across Kansas. Because of this, CBA of Kansas has worked for nearly four decades to strengthen and support the success of community banks. Through advocacy, education, networking and other opportunities, we remain on the front lines of fighting for community banks and fighting for our Kansas hometowns.

So, who is CBA of Kansas and what do we do?  CBA of Kansas is community banking’s loyal advocate and friend.  CBA of Kansas has one mission – community banks.

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