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Three Critical Reasons to Attend the ICBA Capital Summit, April 30 – May 3, 2017 in Washington DC

Why is it important to take time out of your busy schedule, spend your hard-earned resources, board a plane and fly halfway across the country to visit an overcrowded city to spend time with your elected officials, when we all know that you can see them right here in Kansas when they’re on break?

Because they need to know how much you care. And this is serious business. It’s time very, very well spent. Here are three reasons you should make plans now to accompany us to DC to the ICBA Capital Summit.  Leave the details to us, and just come:

1. They need to hear first-hand why we care so much about our community banking industry and our local communities.  We need them to truly understand that the decisions they make – and the policies they create there in Washington — affect the daily lives of our banks, the staff we employ and all the members of the communities we live in.  Their decisions affect our school districts, our local governments, our ag producers and our small businesses.

2. If we don’t take the time to go to them to explain how important these issues are, how can we ever expect them to truly understand what it means to us? Sure we can talk to them when they’re back in in their districts and in our hometowns. But ask yourself – doesn’t it mean more when someone goes out of their way to come see you instead of always expecting you to go to them? It’s vital that we spend time in their DC offices face-to-face with their staff in Washington.  Seldom do the DC staff get the opportunity to travel to Kansas and visit our local communities.

3. It’s critically important to spend time there so that you can build good relationships and develop open lines of communication.  Proving that you care by spending that time building those relationships truly means something.  It is so very important.

We strongly urge you join your fellow Kansas Community Bankers and attend the ICBA Capital Summit this April 30 – May 3.  We will be attending the educational sessions, and then we’ll go up on the hill together.  We’ll take care of the details.  All you have to do is register, show up and show that you care.





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