Lets Get Engaged

What keeps you up at night?  What drives you to the edge of insanity?  In other words… what are you passionate about?  I know that this might appear to be a strange question, but one well worth exploring.  What gives you a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement?  Is it the same thing that causes […]


Ever heard the following? “Why me? I didn’t ask for this.” “This isn’t my problem.” “Fools rush in.” I’ve said them all.  It’s no secret that I have a tendency to get excited and rush into a situation where I see something amiss.  I have this strong urge to “fix” whatever is broken, unjust or […]

The Good, the Bad and My Attitude

Do you ever have one of those days when every thought… well most thoughts, seems to be negative or unproductive?  Lately it seems that I have had more and more of those dreaded days when my thoughts race in directions that are neither good, nor constructive.  I find myself dwelling on all the negatives of […]

RT @BarretBanking: We are proud to share a new banking assoc. endorsement for @BarretBanking - thank you @EricNicb & the Board of NE Ind. B…

Ok, @jkratty . Challenge accepted. 7days, 7 covers of some of my favorite books, no explanation or reviews, 1 nom.… https://t.co/ddJK0dmzRu

RT @BarretBanking: Thank you Jim Reber @icbasecurities for hosting the @ICBA State Association Partner Conference in Memphis. A great chanc…

.@Shawn_CBAK & Kansas Community Bankers congratulate @federalreserve Gov. Michelle Bowman on her nomination to a FU… https://t.co/Nqj3ikAzom




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