“60 to 0 in 3.5 Seconds”

What do you think of when you hear the word “family”?  My first thought is of my wife and two boys.  I then think of my parents, siblings, in-laws and such down the line.  It doesn’t take me long and I start to add a long list of friends that I have grown quite close […]

True Grit

My wife and I both come from a long line of pioneers.  Our families have been in Kansas since before Kansas received statehood and my family was on this continent well in advance of the revolutionary war.  Occasionally we visit the pasture where the original dugout is that housed my wife’s ancestors when they first came to […]

“Twas the Night Before the Examination”

Author Unknown “Twas the night before the examination and all through the bank, We awaited the examiners, our spirits were dank.. The Policies were bound in a book with great care, We all gathered around to say a quick prayer. The bank staff so jittery just thinking of the Feds, While visions of violations danced […]

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Ok, @jkratty . Challenge accepted. 7days, 7 covers of some of my favorite books, no explanation or reviews, 1 nom.… https://t.co/ddJK0dmzRu

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